Grant Program

Grant funds are unavailable at this time. 


The Waukesha County Medical Society (WCMS) welcomes grant requests from non-profit organizations serving Waukesha County residents. Funding for the program varies year-to-year. If available, grant funding may be awarded to organizations or projects that significantly contribute to the overall health and welfare of the people of Waukesha County.


The WCMS Grant Program Committee will review and consider all grant applications. Priority is given when:

  • Project serves patients or physicians in Wisconsin with a special emphasis on Waukesha County
  • Project improves the health of patients or provide patient or public education
  • Project represents either a new program or service, or an innovative expansion of existing programs or services
  • Project will benefit new populations or enhance the benefits offered to existing populations
  • Project is not part of an organization's ongoing operations
  • Project involves physicians, residents, and/or medical or graduate students
  • Project yields substantial benefits to the community for the resources invested
  • Project promotes cooperation among organizations or agencies without duplicating services
  • Project includes current members of the Society as active members/participants
  • Project has not been funded previously by the WCMS Grant Program

WCMS does not consider more than one application from the same agency or organization in any twelve month period, barring unusual circumstances. Individual grant awards are capped at $2,500, with the total amount of grant funding available to be established during the annual budgeting process. WCMS does NOT award grants to eliminate previously incurred debt/deficits, or to mature endowment funds


WCMS requires that grant seekers complete a standard application form, available online and upon request from the office. The WCMS Grant Committee will review applications as they are received. After review, the Committee will make a recommendation regarding grant approval to the Board of Directors, and applicants will be notified after a final decision has been made.


  1. Grantee agrees to acknowledge WCMS as a source of grant funds in press releases and printed/published materials as appropriate.
  2. Grantee agrees to notify WCMS of any significant changes in the scope, timeline or budget for the project.
  3. If subcontractors will be used to implement a funded project, grantee is fully responsible for the performance of and payment to any and all subcontractors. The role of subcontractors, if any, shall be included in grantees final report to WCMS.
  4. All funding sources for a WCMS-funded project shall be fully disclosed.
  5. WCMS granted funds not specifically used for this project will be returned to the WCMS at the end of the grant proposal timeline.
  6. A final report of measurable results will be provided to WCMS. (See “Reporting”)


Grant recipients must provide a final report within 60 days after their funded project is completed. Failure to provide a report may result in the organization not being eligible for future consideration. The final report on your grant award should include: 

  1. Overview: organization name & contact info; project title; date and amount of grant award.
  2. Project accomplishments: original stated goals and projected results compared to actual accomplishments and results. If any project goals were not met, provide the reasons for not meeting the goals, lessons learned and any impact on the overall effectiveness of the project. Include comments and data regarding the numbers of those involved or impacted by this project, and a description of how the project benefited the community.
  3. Project Materials: copies of printed materials, published results, or photos that may be used in a presentation, online or in a newsletter.
  4. Accounting: details of actual income and expenses of the project, including sources of other outside funds or in-kind contributions, if any, and how applicant was able to leverage WCMS grant funds to obtain other sources of funds, if applicable.

How To Apply

Grant funds are unavailable at this time. 

When To Apply

The WCMS Grant Committee accepts grant requests at anytime. Applicants will receive notification within 60 days of submission of a funding determination.

563 Carter Court, Suite B, Kimberly, WI 54136

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