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Patrick O'Malley, DO

Rogers Behavioral Health

"As our Medical Director of Primary Care Services, Pat has helped lead the COVID emergency management plan at Rogers Behavioral Health where we have 3 behavioral campuses in SE Wisconsin, including Oconomowoc that deliver inpatient, residential and intensive outpatient behavioral programs as well as outpatient clinics throughout Wisconsin and the rest of the country. Pat has taken the lead in putting together our system stay safe protocols that have allowed us to deliver more patient care in the system than ever before during a time of unprecedented demand. Pat has been on call 24 x 7 and in person helping us maintain safety for our patients and staff throughout the pandemic. His leadership and positive example has been a glowing beacon of the path forward for all of our staff, including our physician staff. We are proud to have been here for our communities at a time where access to behavioral health services were decreased in our community and that would not have happened without Pat's tireless efforts and leadership."

Lisa Wallace
Director of Administration and Finance
Family Service

“Family Service faced unparalleled challenges amidst a flood of information from the CDC and government officials regarding when the COVID 19 pandemic hit our community. On March 23, 2020, the agency took a bold step by transforming our 56 year business model to a telehealth model of client service delivery for the well-being of all agency stakeholders. The success of this transformation required major changes in the agency's policies, procedures and practices. Lisa and a small team of employees continued to work at our administrative office throughout this past year, to provide administrative and infrastructure support while professional and other staff provided services remotely. Under Lisa's leadership each office location was prepared for the eventual safe return of employees and clients. From sanitizing protocols to measuring spaces for social distancing and major technology upgrades to support HIPAA compliant virtual platforms for client services, Lisa and her team consistently ensured that staff and clients had the tools and information necessary to maintain business operations in a manner that protected staff and clients from virus transmission. She worked tirelessly on the agency's Phase In Committee to review potential return to work plans and to uphold HR and CDC requirements and safety standards while responding to employee needs and questions about exposure and quarantine requirements. Lisa's dedication, loyalty and work ethic were critical factors in avoiding disruption in services at a time when our clients needed our help and care more than ever. The "behind the scenes" areas that Lisa has overseen throughout the pandemic, were instrumental in mitigating the many stressors and challenges of the pandemic. Family Service has been successful in rising to these challenges because of our COVID-19 Hero, Lisa Wallace.”

Molly Tilleson, SLP

Froedtert - West Bend

"Molly worked tirelessly full-time as a SLP with Covid patients that had sequelae from their illness or ventilator use. On her weekends off, she volunteered to assist nursing staff with feeding and patient care. She demonstrated a commitment to the team approach to patient care and the needs of others."

Lake County Pediatrics SC

Jen Glamann, Nathan Flemming, Barb Kolp-Jurss, Justin

Schilz, Nanette Palay, Jamie Christiansen

"The group fashioned a mini bus into a mobile medical clinic and throughout the pandemic have vaccinated hundreds who wouldn't otherwise been vaccinated during and after the shutdown. The mobile medical clinic kept kids up to date on vaccines and provided care throughout Waukesha, Jefferson and Dodge counties. Hundreds of well exams and thousands of vaccines were given."

Cammy Charles-Mantanona

Flowers by Cammy

"Cammy's been running her local business all through the pandemic and has been delivering flowers to elderly residents in a safe manner."

Dennis Graff

Division Chief of EMS/Training

City of Waukesha Fire Dept. 

"Division Chief Graff was integral for ensuring that our City of Waukesha Fire Department, all of the members of the Department, the Fire/ EMS services that we provide, and our Community was kept, well informed. Chief Graff functions as our Departments infectious Control coordinator. In the early phases of our response that meant Dennis role was to educate the organization and secure PPE so that our personnel were kept safe while here at work. As we began to see Community spread of the disease, Dennis functioned as our leave coordinator, checking in with employees who were sick, facilitating testing and eventually standing up a test site for Waukesha County Fire and Police agencies here at our department. As we transitioned to vaccination DC Graff became our vaccination coordinator, under his direction we were able to stand up a vaccination clinic, at this time administering over 2000 vaccines 3 weeks before Public health was able to fulfill the vaccination efforts. This past year has been challenging to our entire community, but under the direction and leadership of Division Chief Dennis Graff, the Waukesha Fire Department and the Citizens of Waukesha were protected and educated thanks to the tireless work of Dennis. For this I say thank you and nominate him for your Heroes of COVID-19 Campaign."

Waukesha Memorial Hospital and Oconomowoc

Memorial Hospital

Intensive Care Unit Staff ProHealth Care

"I would like to nominate the staffs of the Intensive Care Units at both Oconomowoc and Waukesha Memorial Hospitals. This team of Registered Nurses, Critical Care Techs, and Health unit coordinators has performed remarkably well during the Pandemic. These teams of nurses cared for the sickest of the sick COVID patients day in and day out. During the beginning of the pandemic during the unknown phase of not knowing much about the disease, they still showed up everyday and cared for these patients. When family visitation ended, they became these patients families and emotional support system. Every day innovation occurred from how to save on PPE to how to facetime and connect each patient with their families virtually. Over the year they continued to care for each patient and family without hesitation or need for praise. Though we were not able to reunite every patient with their family we cared for every single patient with dignity and respect. They laughed with patients, and their families, they cried with patients and their families, they supported each other and grew as a team. I am proud of how these ICUs managed a pandemic and saved many lives. Their performance was second to none."

Muhammad Akbar, MD

"Thank you for all the hard work and long days you have put in to save the people of our community."

Timothy McAvoy, MD

"Dr. McAvoy is a solo private practice physician and the medical director of the Rehab Hospital of WI. While caring for his patients, he contracted COVID-19. He subsequently was admitted to the ICU and in the hospital over a month. Despite everything he went through, he was still eager to get back to work and care for his patients. We are all thankful for his health and are so lucky to have such a compassionate and selfless physician serving in WI."

Susanne Krasovich, MD

Waukesha Family Medicine Residency

Program ProHealth Care

"Dr. Krasovich is the clinic director for the Waukesha Family Medicine Residency, and even before COVID was a very busy woman. Throughout the pandemic she has worked tirelessly to protect the safety of our patients, staff, and providers and has implemented several procedures in our clinic that were then adopted throughout the organization. Despite all of the uncertainty of the pandemic, especially at the beginning, I always felt safe at the residency knowing that she was in charge!"

Kara and the Allure Team

Allure Intimate Apparel

"Allure does professional bra fittings for women in the Waukesha County area. They have been really good with safe practices during covid. They take great care of my breast patients and I am really grateful to have them around."

563 Carter Court, Suite B, Kimberly, WI 54136
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